Company details


Avanti Pluss OÜ is a company, which provides services in transport field and logistic. The company has began its activity in 2002, and since 2007 became a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

The long-term experience of Avanti Pluss OÜ was an instrumental aspect in acquisition of durable and reliable partners. Geographic activity of the company engulfs practically all countries of the CIS and Europe.

The skilled personnel of Avanti Pluss OÜ offers the most advantageous and rapid resolutions of problems for it’s clients and takes every possible effort in order to provide high-quality and time-efficient implementation of obligations for an expedition of loads entrusted to the company.
  Avanti Pluss OÜ  A.H.Tammsaare tee 143-23, 12915 Tallinn  Tel. 5114404